Use chain saw attention points

Chain saw is two stroke power, use power, cutting tools should pay attention, can ensure the normal use of the machine: the engine is two stroke engine, fuel use for hybrid gasoline and oil, mixed oil ratio: two stroke gasoline engine oil: special =1:50 (ordinary gasoline oil: =1:25). Gasoline using the above number 90, oil two stroke engine oil, symbol 2T, be sure to use the brand name for oil, prohibited the use of four stroke engine oil. The recommendations of the new machine in the first 30 hours with 1:40 (common oil 1:20), after 30 hours according to the normal ratio of 1:50 (common oil 1:25) oil distribution, determined not to allow more than 1:50 (ordinary oil 1:25), otherwise too dilute concentration will cause the machine cylinder. Please strictly in accordance with the oil distribution machines with the oil pot, not estimated arbitrarily with oil. The best prepared when using mixed oil, mixed oil prohibited the use of the match for a long time; before the machine working, low speed first run for a few minutes, see saw chain oil lubrication, into an oil line, work again. When the machine works, the throttle on the use of high speed. Every box of oil, should rest for 10 minutes, scattered gasket, cleaning machine every time after work to ensure the heat dissipation; spark plug every 25 hours of use to take them down with a wire brush, dust pollution on the electrode, the electrode gap is adjusted to 0.6[1]-0.7mm as well; the air filter every 25 hours of use to remove the dust, large dust should be more frequent. Foam filter cleaning with gasoline or washing liquid extrusion and Shimizu Shirai, cool and dry, and then soaked in oil, squeeze out the excess oil can be installed. As with the “DON NOT OIL” need not add oil; muffler every 50 hours of use, remove the muffler, clean up the carbon deposition on the outlet and the exhaust muffler. Fuel filter (suction head) every 25 hours to remove impurities.

Part of the new machine tool use, should pay attention to the degree of tightness of the saw chain, saw chain can promote to rotate with the hand, saw chain, guide tooth and guide parallel is appropriate, use after a few minutes, note again tensioning saw chain.

The use of safety before operation, around 20 meters, there is a person or animal moving not allowed. There must be no angle inspection on the grass, stones and other debris, removal of debris on the grassland.
Storage, must clean body, let the mixed fuel, put in the carburetor fuel burn clean; remove the spark plug, to join the 1-2ml two stroke engine oil cylinder, pull starter 2-3, refit on the spark plug Chain saw in a large number of domestic sales, popularity and application in 2000, the most well-known imported brands Kyoritsu, Komatsu etc., the number of domestic brands to imitate the production of imported brands, which also led to the domestic in the industry what also have no unified standard. Because domestic chainsaw material and technological gap, therefore the product quality is far inferior to the imported brands, the price will become the largest domestic brand competition advantage.

● Notes on using the chainsaw minus 30 C
One, suggested that fuel blend ratio of 20:1 to 15:1 (must be mixed with air cooled two stroke engine oil, lubricating oil quality) saw internal chain joined the 10%~30% (kerosene or diesel oil) were mixed before use, to ensure that the appropriate concentration. The ratio should be based on the saw chain spray and decided to join the degree, but should be mastered in the range of 10%~30%. Two, idle speed should be adjusted as follows: 2500~3000 R / min at room temperature, and when the idle speed is 2000 rpm.

● Two stroke machinery fuel ratio
General two stroke machinery fuel are formed by steam oil mixture (including oil for two stroke engine for oil), ratio of standard, steam oil ratio is about 25:1, depending on the use condition and decide, if not in use for a long time and high speed operation, it may be appropriate to increase the concentration, if used often to maintain high-speed rotation that is to be appropriate to reduce the concentration, put some more oil, guarantee normal lubrication cylinder internal moving parts, but must pay attention to timely remove silencer, removal of coke in the exhaust passage, so as to avoid too much carbon into the cylinder, causing scuffing of cylinder bore. Turf machine to remove all plants within the site, and then to determine the physical properties of soil and the pH value, check the drainage and irrigation facilities, then harrow or artificial way to improve the look of the soil compactness, can re sown. Edit this paragraph fault treatment.

1. If the chainsaw appear gas flameout, not so hard working, heating machine overheating phenomenon, is generally the filter problem. So before work, need to check the filter, clean qualified filter alignment sun light observation, should be thorough, bright, but it’s not qualified. Hot soapy water to clean, dry application of chain saw filters clean enough time. The filter can clean and ensure the normal use of chain saw.

2. When the chain saws sawtooth becomes not sharp, can rest on the zigzag chain cutting with a special file, to ensure the sharpness of saw tooth. At this time to pay attention to when using file Cuo, along the cutting direction down, not up, at the same time, file and chain saw chain angle also shoulds not be too big, show 30 degrees is appropriate.

3. In the use of chain saw, should add oiling saw chain oil, the benefits of doing so is to provide lubrication to reduce friction heat saw, chain saw chain and chain saw guide plate, a protection function to guide, but also can protect the chain saw chain, in order to avoid premature obsolescence.

4. When the chain saw after use, should also be a maintenance on the chain saw, so the next use in order to ensure the work efficiency of chain saw. The first is to remove the chain saw guide plate root oil inlet hole and impurity guide groove, so as to ensure the smooth oil inlet hole. Secondly, should also be clear about the debris of the guide head, and add a few drops of oil.

Post time: Feb-15-2022