Chain saw how to maintain

Chain saw is one of the many garden machine products are most widely used, the highest frequency of use power tools. Since it has very sharp serrated and used for high speed cutting wood, so the use of their work, need to adopt more stringent safety precautions. Any irregular operation, not timely maintenance, will form a certain security risks, users need to pay attention to. The world’s largest producer of chain saw the German Steele group of technical experts summed up a series of chainsaw use and maintenance skills and the matters needing attention, to share with readers.

● Always ensure that saw chain lubrication
Saw chain and guide lubrication for chainsaw use, and its important. The technician said, saw chain must have been thrown out of a small amount of lubricating oil, do not work in the saw chain without lubrication. If the chain saw dry, cutting tool will soon be damaged and can’t be repaired. So, we must check the chain lubricating and lubricating oil tank oil quantity before starting work.

In order to make the chain saws and guide get automatic and reliable lubrication, high quality, small environment pollution chain saws and guide use of lubricating oil technical advice, such as anti-aging ability is strong, can rapidly biodegradable lubricating oil. If the anti-aging ability is low, lubricating oil easily resin, will form a hard precipitate difficultly to be removed, especially in the saw chain transmission parts, clutch and around the saw chain. Serious when getting stuck pump. In addition, do not use the waste lubricating oil. Waste lubricating oil does not have the required lubricating ability, and repeated exposure to the waste lubricating oil may cause skin cancer, waste lubricating oil will damage the environment.

Every time when adding fuel to fill chain lubricating oil, must ensure that each time the fuel was exhausted, chain lubricating oil tank is some lubricating oil remaining. If the lubricating oil tank oil content is not reduced, probably due to the lubricating oil passage is blocked. At this point to check the saw chain lubrication, cleaning oil, when necessary, to service the dealer for help.

For the new factory equipment, to avoid the high load operation, not necessary in the running in period is therefore, in the first three box of fuel run out before do not carry the idling speed. Due to the moving parts must be in the running in period of learning each other, so during this short cylinder has a larger frictional resistance. About 5 to 15 in used engine oil after reaching its maximum power box. During the normal work of the chain saw, not oil mixture significantly increased power ratio adjustment is too low in order, this can damage the engine.

In addition, should always check the tension of the saw chain. Compared with the use of a longer period of time has been put into the saw chain, chain need more frequent tightening saw new. Generally in a cold state, chain saw guide plate side in meshing but can still pull by hand along the guide, explain the tensioning degree of accuracy. On reaching the operating temperature, saw chain expansion, began to relax. Drive link is not allowed to guide the lower side out of the guide slot, otherwise the saw chain will fall off. If necessary once again tightening saw chain. When it freezes, saw chain contraction. It is time to loosen the saw chain, otherwise it will damage the crankshaft and bearing.

● Chainsaw use neglect details
Chain saw is in use process, there are several operation requires users to pay special attention to details. First of all, start the chain saw, Mo will start at the end of the rope to. Start gently pulls a starting handle by hand, until the stop position, and then quickly pull down at the same time, before the pressure handle. The technician said, don’t be starting rope pulled completely to the end, or may be broken. In daily use, users often do not pay attention to the details, in the course of time, the starting rope easily damaged. Also note that, don’t let the starting handle is free to recoil, should slow to import it back into the casing, so that the starting rope can be a good roll up.

Secondly, in the engine throttle to maximum long time after the operation, need to let it idle for a period of time, so that the flow of cooling air, release the most heat of engine. It can avoid the installation on the engine parts (ignition device, carburetor) appear thermal overload.

Again, if the engine power decreases obviously, may be caused by dirty air filter. Remove the carburetor box cover, remove the air filter, remove the filter around the dirt, and separates the two section of the filter, with the palm of the hand duster clean filter, or by compressed air from the inside to the outside blowing.

If the filter dirt stuck, need to put the filter in the special cleaner or a clean, non flammable (such as cleaning liquid in warm soapy water wash and dry). Do not use the brush to clean the wool filter.
Re install the air filter, remember to check the door and the torsion spring is positioned correctly.

● The later maintenance in a timely manner to complete
Chainsaw maintenance, the most important is the chain saw. Proper maintenance and sharpening the saw chain only very small pressure can be easily into the wood in sawing. The daily maintenance, should pay attention to whether the crack and fracture examination saw chain links on the rivet. Replace any damaged or worn parts of saw chain, then mix with the new parts of the original shape and the same size. Hard alloy saw chain is abrasion resistance.

Saw sharpening work chain, usually by service dealers to complete. Sharpening must maintain a saw tooth angle. All the sawtooth angle must be the same, if different, then saw turn not smooth, and serious wear and tear, until the saw chain fracture. All saw tooth length must be the same. If not, the tooth height will be different, so also can cause the saw chain of unstable rotation and final fracture. After grinding to thoroughly clean the saw chain, clean attached file spines or dust and lubrication of chain saw. If not a long time, the need to ensure the saw chain store in good lubrication condition.

For long time storage chain saw, be in a well ventilated place the fuel tank is empty and clean. In the carburetor dry before always run the engine, in order to prevent the carburetor diaphragm sticking together. Clean saw chain and guide, take down, and then spray with anti rust oil. Thoroughly clean the machine, especially the cylinder cooling fin and air filter. If the use of biological chain lubricating oil, lubricating the tank will be.

Note, even according to the requirements of use and maintenance of the chainsaw, some parts of power machines will have normal wear and tear, and therefore must be according to the parts of the model and use, timely replacement. These parts include: saw chain, guide plate, transmission parts (clutch, clutch wheel drum, chain wheel), a filter, a starting device, a spark plug and a damping system parts etc.

Post time: Feb-15-2022